Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anniversary Shawls!!

Salam smua...seperti yang dijanjikan, shawls anniversary is OUT!!!
Dalam keluaran lepas, Cotton Shawls mendapat sambutan hangat, so this time around za add up Cotton Tone Shawls plak..
The same good quality cotton, but more perky & cute colors to choose from!
Jangan lupa skrol smpai bawah, ada shawl corak2 yg sgtler chomel!!! =)
Enjoy peeps! 

Cotton Tone Shawls
100% good quality
Tak panas, sejuk bila dipakai
RM25 each


SOLD - Darlz 


Purple Phink

SOLD - Darlz

 Yellow Gold
SOLD - Elia


SOLD - Darlz

 Blue (2)


SOLD - Norie

Lime Green Yellow
SOLD - Darlz

Black Grey
SOLD - Darlz

Abstract Shawls
Kain lembut, sejuk & terletak bila pakai
RM10 each

 LV 01

LV 02

 LV 03

LV 04

LV 05
SOLD - Elia

LV 06

LV 07

 LV 08

LV 09
LV 10
SOLD - Elia

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