Friday, February 4, 2011

Jan-Feb Update

Hey ladies...
Sorry lambat update stock.Been pile up with works and hunting for the 'model'.
Well,all things sort out,this is the new stock with my new 'model'...
Enjoy your peeks...
Happy shopping..

Two sided flowerish series
Arabian Cotton

2 side black flowerish(dark maroon)
RM 25

2 side black flowerish(white)
RM 25


2 side pink flowerish
RM 25

2 side dark blue flowerish
                                           RM 25                                          

2 side grey flowerish
RM 25

2 side peach flowerish
RM 25

2 side light blue flowerish
RM 25

2 side choco flowerish
RM 25


Ombak shawls series
viscoce + silk

ombak blue grey
RM 22

ombak cream blue 
RM 22

ombak turquoise white
RM 22

ombak lime green white
RM 22

Beads series
Disco fever

 beads purple
RM 22

beads turquoise
RM 22

Inner neck

neck covered
RM 10 


Black - 1 Available
Brown - (SOLD)
Pink- 1 Available
Grey - SOLD

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