Thursday, June 2, 2011


Salam semua....
Mesti korang pelik dah lama i tak update LV kan?
Bukan ngak mau, tp waktu tak mengizinkan...:( Buat masa ni zaza upload kat my FB dulu...
Korang boleh add me up via email : Allah za approve :)
Last updates is my shawls which eventually semua dah SOLD OUT..alhamdulillah...
Yg  seterusnya and surely zaza akan muat turun dlm LV is kain ela for cotton...since its very cooling can be for Raya which is coming up soon....
Any update za akan give ya'll a shout...,1000 Apologies for the silence mode..Lollipop Vibes is still active...via FB for the time being :)

Thanks 4 all the support ladies :) God Bless ya'll =)

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