Thursday, July 14, 2011

Triple & Single Tone Satin Shawls + Cotton Inner Neck (Batch 3 - July11)

Salam Gorgeous!!
1stly, so sorry, tak sempat za nak upload my first Batch for July, which is SACOTT (Satin + Cotton) Pashminas..Terjual 99% kt FB za, tinggal  helai jer, which is Pink..So sapa2 yg berkenan just let me know k? wink*

So back to our THIRD BATCH (July Edition) Plak...
eRM..Batch 2 dah sold out dlm FB huhu..sorry girls!!
Since ramai tanya ada tak restock lagi Satin here I come!
Ada 2 pattern di sini, satu is Triple Tones and the other is Single Tone Satin..
Triple Tones Satin is the latest updates for Satin edition baru jer kuar pasaran last Sunday...
So apa tunggu, meh meh shopping selendang RAYA!!!!

Single Tone Satin
(100% Satin)
Mix with Inner Neck RM16 + rm13 = 28 instead of RM33 =) 

 Golden Chocolatey(SOLD)   

Pastel Pink(SOLD)
  Chocoa Brown (SOLD)  
Torqoise (SOLD)

Sparkling Purple(SOLD)

Soft Peach(SOLD)

Beautiful Black(SOLD)
            style="color: magenta;">                         
Soft Peach(SOLD)

Beautiful Black(SOLD)

  Triple Tone Satin
(Satin = Mix of Polyester & Silk)
Mix with Inner Neck RM16 + rm13 = 28 instead of RM33 =)

Black Silver White (SOLD)

Greenish tones(SOLD)
Chocolatey (SOLD)
Maroonish Pink(SOLD)
Blue Simply (SOLD)
Army Green Maroonish( SOLD) 

 COTTON INNER NECK (without awming)
Buy more than 1 piece, RM 13 each!

                              Dusty Purple                        Baby Blue

                                       Dark BLue                                Grey                             

                                 Brown(SOLD)                                       Hot Pink(SOLD)

                                     Black(SOLD)                                     Hot Peach                          

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