Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gorgeous But Limited Edition

Salam Ladies,

I apologize for taking like...2-3 months to restock with somethin' new for Lollipop Vibes. *Sigh* The main reason behind all this is, i'm getting married!! Yeah, lame excuse huh? But that's the main reason I've been reallly busy and unavailable due to the wedding preparations... 

But no worries! Lollipop Vibes is here to stay! 

I can say the 'IN' thing now is Siti's shawls...And I love them to bits as well...So this time around, I'll be updating the blog with something more exclusive I may say..."CT's SHAWLS :)
Heavy beads surrounding the face area making it fall nicely on ur head,no pins required to secure it in place plus the unique small crystals at d back makes it different frm d rest ;) so hurry ladies, only RM60 including postage, wayy cheaper than d normal market price (RM 100 ++)!! *Only serious buyers will be entertain*
 CT's Shawls
Material : Net- soft and light
RM60 Each Including Postage 
 GREY -Sold to Ms Hazeeq-







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